Conclusion: We Are Programmed

Conclusion: We Are Programmed

It was a fine day in summer but not a good day in my life. As usual, I used to spend time on social media, watching films and other non-productive activities which had almost damaged my sense and affected my way of thinking. Finally, I tried a simple experiment on myself. I tried to become neutral, in other ways we can say I tried to become that 8 years old boy who didn’t endured any kind of sufferings in his life. I have been bullied, admired, punished and awarded equally till date. Removing all those events in my life, I tried not to build any perspective on any events till date. The first step was to interact with many people as far as possible. I would look into profile of any people and find out what they liked most and next day I would post something familiar that could be against their ideologies or support them. Guess what? The following day the person would definitely react on my post and interaction was easy to begin. I could chat hours and hours with the same person on single topic and could know much better about him/her. I came to know how easily people could be manipulated. These days’ people are well taught by social media rather than books or professors. People make opinions themselves and give decision as if they are the judge. People’s raw mind are filled by trashy contents on social media. It’s good to say that people are informed fastest by the means of social media but it’s not necessary that the people are informed correctly. You can get more information regarding this issue if you look over the event of Cambridge Analytica. It shows how a society can be manipulated. Now the question comes in my mind, is it social media that is making me feel low since many days? Is it a root of all problems in my life? I can’t avoid the fact that I use social Medias for almost 10 to 12 hours a day. That’s huge and I really couldn’t believe I am wasting a lot of my time trying to develop myself on virtual world. The world that don’t even exist. In this age of information and technology it’s really very much important that we should keep up our pace with the modern world. But it’s very bad when we cannot take control over the issues generated by it. When I was interacting with people, my Facebook and Instagram feeds would change accordingly. Whenever I tried to talk with a girl with some romantic words, my feed would be filled up by random love quotes, some tiktok videos where filmy and romantic taste of love is being shown. On the other hand whenever I talked with people complaining about others, some short videos regarding revenge, posts promoting hate are fed. When I shared link about my blog then sudden advertisement would appear about how to blog or trainings or webinar about blogging. And this quite surprised me. This led me to strongly believe that I was being manipulated. My data has been sold to others. We are being programmed. Facebook and other social media platform are provided us for free but doesn’t it surprise you a lot when you come to know that it earns millions and billion dollars of profits. So from 4th September 2020 I took a decision of leaving social media for two weeks.

My Experience

For the very first day there was no any need of using them. I just removed all those applications and deactivated my account temporarily so that I could realize how much addicted am I? After few days I came to realize that this addiction is really harmful for any people. There was a sense of incompleteness risen within me, when I didn’t use these applications. Though my daily routine was changed but I really wanted to use social media again and again. Now, I began to question myself, am I really worth it? Can I seriously take up this challenge? Can I change myself? Can I take myself out of these illusions? Later I knew that not only these applications but there are a lot of things which are huge and invisible hurdles in your way. That is, internet itself. Well that’s a bitter truth. Not solely internet, but some websites like google, which is majority of the internet is actually customizing you so that you cannot get out of the trap created by them. Remember when anything is provided you for free, then you are the product. I repeat, you are the product. The web browser you use, the search engine you use, the websites you visit which claim themselves as free are actually taking your huge asset, and that’s your personal data. In this age of information and technology, your real asset is your privacy, your data and your choices. But that’s not good when it is well predicted by others? If you do not adopt proper method to avoid social media clashes, trust me my friend it’s really very hard to control yourself. As I mentioned earlier, whenever I perform any activities on internet, the recommendations from browser always shocked me. When I deactivated my social accounts, my YouTube videos would contain wonderful ads about earning through social media and so on. So I thought of changing my way to perform activities on internet. Basics included changing your browser. Instead of google chrome, use Mozilla Firefox and even Microsoft edge is far better if you concern your privacy. It takes a lot of effort and sometimes costs a lot if you want to remain anonymous. But simple tricks can help you avoid unnecessary recommendations and probable data breaches.


Was it really necessary to avoid social media?

The answer is obvious. Social Medias led me feel very low and of course I cannot ignore some of the benefits of it. I got to connect with my old friend via Facebook, my website got more than 1000 hits a day when I shared its link. I could know about my online classes more effectively. Memes and sarcastic posts would make me feel very bright and happy. Yet, there are a lot of other benefits, but those are valued nothing in front of the losses made towards my timetable, my sense of thinking, my militancy and so on.


So today at the end of 14th day I am getting a bit of idea about why I was using social media? So I’m going to delete my Facebook and Instagram account permanently as they are no longer useful for me. I can know about my classes by directly contacting my friends via phones as it makes them feel friendlier towards them and whoever needs to contact with me or had some business with me would directly contact me and of course I can avoid those unnecessary posts and calls from my relatives which was way more harder for me to avoid. For my professional career to develop I have been using LinkedIn and best part is It is solely focused for your career and I can share my blogs and other useful posts in it. More I avoid them, more I’ve been discovering the ways to become more professional and productive. I have got more time to invest in my studies, some other online courses reading books and learning. Now I am free enough to make my own decisions as no platform can have direct influence towards me. I hope to remain anonymous if I earn some in my coming days. If anyone would ask for an advice regarding social media then I would definitely say” Please avoid Facebook”. There are other good platforms and better alternative websites to them. To chat with your friends, I guess Viber is a good option. To share your achievements (professional achievements), LinkedIn is the best platform. To know what’s happening and get updated about world, you can bookmark leading news portals of your locality. Here I wanted to mention social media as only those websites which you cannot personalize. There is a lot of difference in personalizing your content or getting personalized by you. YouTube is also a social media but you can personalize it on your own. LinkedIn helps to boots your career. It’s professional actually. But the contents from the others actually manipulates you that’s really bad. It’s better to give ‘em up.

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