Feminism: My Perspective

Feminism is an idealogy that seeks equality in rights for womens in every social,political,economical and personal aspects.Since ages,womens are subordinate to mens in virtually every aspects of life.Moreover,the deprivation of females even from their fundamental rights and getting labelled as THE SECOND SEX became unacceptable as human civilization started to foster rapidly in 19th and early 20th centuries.Then,feminism,the revolutionary movements and ideologies,advocating women’s rights on the ground of the equality of sexes was introduced.West is entirely responsible for the rise of feminism and later the whole world has been influenced.
The basic and sole purpose of feminism is EQUALITY between both males and females.Superiority of male should be eliminated without promoting inferiority of males.They both should get equal opportunities,liberty,acceptance and respect in every field.Now,in the world where we can see females climbing so high with their own capabilities and being equal or more able than males to do any sort of works is solely the outcome of feminists movements.The struggle that had been done by the real feminists for all the womens to get right to vote,to work,to education,to own properties,business,to get fairly paid,to speak up against any kind of violences,sexual harrashment,even to take their own personal decisions by themselves,has proved to be worthy to the whole earth to a great extent.Counting over the developed countries and ares ,we do realize there has been great transformation in the situations of womens.From being confined within four walls of a room and getting engaged only in household chores to running a whole nation,from not getting any acknowledgement in any manner to holding the most prestigious position in the world,from crying alone in the corner over getting harrashed,abused and violated to taking open actions against culprit,from getting treated as a reproduction machine and means of sexual pleasure to fighting for reproductive and sexual rights,womens have grown alot holding much more power and strength within them.This is the result of feminism.
Now, feminism has become a controversial topic as the true and real feminism is being overshadowed by the radical and militant feminism ,better to be called as pseudofeminism.Male supremacy and dominance are meant to be eradicated to aid equality.Regardless, knowing the true essence of feminism,the world is embracing fake feministic ideologies where instead of uplifting and upgrading women’s status,lashing out at men and demeaning them is prioritized.This has created a huge misconception in today’s society and feminism has become a subject of “trolling” among today’s generation.
We all are wellknown to the fact that  the situation of womens across the world isn’t completely okay yet.There are many places which are left to be reached out where in 2020s also womens aren’t acquainted to any education and rights.Let’s have a glance on our own country,Nepal,where 51% of total population encompasses womens and only about 44.5% of them have access to education.Almost half of womens are the victims of different forms of violences.Countable womens are working outside their homes and are economically independent.Only few are getting oppportunities among crores of them.Those who are getting too are discriminated in every possible way.Also,their safety and security isn’t ensured anywhere.Still there’s reservations for females,a reminder of inequality.If oppoutunities are granted on the basis of capabilities without cutting their feathers ,there’s no need of reservation for womens.The baisness they have to bear politically,socially,culturally,traditionally and religiously is same as that of past.For a women in our country,to cross all these barriers and live in a society with a head held high,the real feminism is required.There is such a enormous need of it that misunderstanding real with pseudo will never ever let womens fly high and fly free.Various national and international organizations like ABC NEPAL,MAITI NEPAL,UN WOMEN are working by adopting the ideologies of feminism for womens welfare.
Feminism isn’t concerned only with the womens as it aims to maintain equality between both the sexes on the ground level.Prevalence of sexism gave rise to feminism initially emphasizing only on womens.Later, the ultimate goal of feminism turns out to be EGALITARIANISM.Today,the one,mayit be men or women,who looks for fairness and indiscrimination on the basis of gender in the world is a feminist,a true feminist.Feminism allows people to look at the world not as it is ,but how it could be.And it is POSITIVE.

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Bhumika Acharya

Bhumika is an aspiring writer and blogger who is pursuing her career in medicine. Her act of describing feminism has led us to differentiate militancy risen in it. For more details about her you can follow her on Facebook. 

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