Preparing for competitive exams can be a very intimidating feat on its own. Add to the equation, school work, and the situation becomes even more complex. With the equal pressure to perform well in both the board exams and IOE Entrance, this gets difficult for the students to manage everything. When preparing for engineering entrance exam, many of you might skip the school part and think of it as unnecessary, but it provides an important foundation for the overall studying experience. School tests and a good IOE rank may seem to have very different preparation methods, but in reality, they follow very similar paths. Given below are some of the measures you can use to balance both your IOE ENTRANCE preparation and Board examinations.

1. Make a Time Table

Managing your time efficiently can do wonders for your studies. Devote separate time for your schoolwork while giving the major chunk of your time to IOE ENTRANCE preparation. This can be done very easily by making a routine that works best for you. Every individual has different needs and you can customize and utilize your time as per your preference. Regularity in practice and revision will surely bring about fruitful results.

2. Enroll For An Online Course

Preparing for IOE ENTRANCE while attending school means, very little time for revision. Your typical day would contain attending school than traveling to and from your coaching classes and as a result being too tired for any self-studies. So, it is advisable to join online coaching to minimize the time wasted during travel etc. Online sites like Khan Academy would provide you with the same quality of education as you get in the classroom coaching and that too at the comfort of your home. This is one of the best ways to manage IOE ENTRANCE preparation and school effectively.

3. Practice Different Questions Sets

School and IOE Entrance are very different in terms of what it requires of the students. School is primarily subjective and IOE has only objective type questions. The students might have to take a separate and goal oriented approach when tackling either of them. Hence practicing questions specific to your need becomes even more important. MCQ practice should always be done keeping the time in mind. As IOE is a competitive exam, timing plays a major role in providing favorable results. Practice as many mock tests and previous year papers as you can for both boards and IOE ENTRANCE.

4. Don't Leave Doubts Uncleaned

One of the biggest mistakes students make is to skip the topics altogether, in which they have some doubts. IOE questions are completely unexpected and you never know which section might help you score more. Make sure you get all your doubts cleared by teachers at coaching center or through the group IOE Entrance Discussion.

5. Stay Away From Distractions

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. are the biggest distractions for the students preparing for competitive exams like IOE. You might say that these platforms help you relax and take a break for some time, but when using them, you rarely get to know about how much time you have wasted. Rather, you should utilize it by having group discussions and regular updates about IOE.

6. Complete Your Syllabus Early

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to follow the school’s schedule to complete the syllabus. If you want to manage both IOE ENTRANCE preparation and school, try to complete your syllabus by Poush or Magh. It will help you focus more on the engineering entrance exam and perform well in the mock tests.

7. Never Stress

Stressing and panicking never helped anybody achieve anything. When you have a solid belief in your preparation, only then you can let go of all your anxieties. Continuous effort and resilience is the key to a healthy on-look to the exam. Meditation and well-timed breaks during preparation can also minimize the nervousness that you are bound to face.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips and add your own experiences to your preparatory routine, you can ace both your school and IOE ENTRANCE. Customize your daily routine to help evade the monotony of it.


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